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Facebook introduces ‘Graph Search’ – Finding people who share your interests!

Facebook has revealed a new tool that will provide their users with a new way to find people, interests, places and photos that are most relevant to them on the social networking site.

Graph Search provides results that are "unique based" on the strength of connections and relationships, helping users to make connections, look through photos that interest them, quickly locate restaurants and attractions, and learn about common interests such as books, movies and music.

The new tool was introduced by Facebook on January 15 in a blog post, stating it was their mission to make the world more "open and connected".

"The main way we do this is by giving people the tools to map out their relationships with the people and things they care about," Facebook stated on their blog.

"We call this map the graph. It's big and constantly expanding with new people, content and connections."

Graph search is very different from web search as it combines phrases – for example, friends in New Zealand who like skittles – providing results of a set of people who have shared content related to that subject, whereas web search is designed to provide results that match keywords.

There are currently four main areas the first version of Graph Search focuses on, which are: people, photos, places and interests.

Some examples for people could be: 'people from Sydney who like things I like' and 'people who like rugby league and live nearby; for photos: 'photos of my friends before 2003', 'photos of my friends in Europe'; for places: 'cinemas in Perth', 'cities my friends visited in 2012'; and lastly for interests: 'movies liked by people who like movies I like', 'music my friends like'.

Graph Search is currently only available to a "very small number" of people who use Facebook in US English. Users are able to sign up for the waitlist on the Graph Search Facebook page.

Posted by April Revake.