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Facebook is “advertising money can’t buy”

Facebook offers brands a way to connect with customers in a way that "money can't buy", according to the head of the social media site in Canada.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail, Jordan Banks asserted that people are more influenced by their friends, family and colleagues than by other forms of advertising and pointed out that Facebook provides companies with a unique way of making a connection.

"You no longer need Oprah Winfrey to take your product and name it one of her favourite things on her show, you no longer need Ashton Kutcher to tweet to his 6.5 million followers that this is a great product," he said.

The best part about Facebook, he added, is that consumers can choose their level of engagement and are encouraged to control "what you're sharing, when you're sharing it and whom you're sharing it with," he said.

Mr Banks added that the social network is only going to get better when it comes to helping brands market to consumers. And as Facebook improves, the consumer experience will become "more rich and compelling".

Facebook campaigns may be well worth considering here in Australia – the site is the country's most popular social network.

Last month, Australians made a total of 9.8 million unique visits to Facebook – although YouTube, Blogspot blogs and Twitter also ranked highly in terms of visitor numbers.