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Facebook is testing self-destructing posts

Facebook is working on a feature that allows publishers to set a time limit for posts to automatically delete themselves.

The idea of posts that automatically delete themselves might seem like a pointless feature, but the sheer popularity of the mobile app Snapchat is evidence enough that self-destructive content is in high demand right now.

The feature was first picked up by The Next Web, and supposedly allows users to choose how long they want their posts to be active for, before they’re automatically deleted.

From what we can see now, the expiration date of the posts can last any time between one hour and seven days.


This could be a useful feature for people using the site for content marketing.

Since many brands use Facebook to post exclusive deals and offers to consumers, this feature could save marketers having to delete the posts manually.

Consumers have become particularly fond of receiving brands’ special offers on Facebook, and they make a major difference on their purchasing decisions.

According to GoDigital, 84 per cent of consumers said the special offers they see on Facebook have a major impact on the products they purchase in store.

The study also found 80 per cent of consumers go hunting for special deals and one-off offers at least once a week before they visit a store.

Although Facebook doesn’t always go through with all the features it tests, if this one does come into effect, it could definitely be of use for social media marketing.