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Facebook launches global partnership to connect more people to the internet

The internet plays a vital role in many of our lives, aiding us at work, allowing us to connect with our friends and family, and also carry out other everyday duties such as banking and shopping quickly and efficiently.

Businesses have also come to rely deeply on the internet, using social media marketing and company blogs to help market their services.

Put quite simply, the internet gives us access to the information we need at the touch of our fingertips, yet, this technology still isn't accessible for two-thirds of the world.

Facebook founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of a global partnership on August 20, aimed at making internet access available to the "next five billion people".

"Everything Facebook has done has been about giving all people around the world the power to connect," Mr Zuckerberg said.

"There are huge barriers in developing countries to connecting and joining the knowledge economy. brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome these challenges, including making internet access available to those who cannot currently afford it."

Only 2.7 billion people (just over a third of the world's population) have access to the internet today, with the founding members of coming together to develop projects and share knowledge to help "bring the world online".

Along with Facebook, Ericsson, Nokia, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Opera and Samsung are founding members of the partnership and will play leading roles in the project. Over time, it's expected that non-governmental organisations, experts and academics will join the initiative too. will focus on three key challenges in developing countries: making access affordable, using data more efficiently and helping business drive access.

The website is now up and running providing an overview of the initiative's mission and goals. It will feature the latest news on the project's activities as well as interviews with technology leaders and experts.

Posted by April Revake.