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Facebook makes a move on Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite

Marketers who employ Facebook in their content marketing strategy may soon benefit from the services of Microsoft's Atlas Advertiser Suite, a "leader in campaign management and measurement", after the social networking website announced that they will acquire the platform.

Facebook's director of product marketing Brian Boland announced the acquisition in a post on the company blog on February 28.

Mr Boland writes that today's marketing environment is "much more complex" than it was a few years ago, with marketers and agencies struggling to understand how their efforts across a variety of channels work to complement and strengthen each other.

He adds that they are then "forced to adopt" siloed marketing strategies for each channel, which can lead to poor and inconsistent end-user experiences.

Some marketers are already using Atlas, with the program an approved partner for measurement since June, but Mr Bolan says that the acquisition brings the two closer in a way that benefits Facebook, Atlas' agency and marketer clients as they will continue to innovate and invest in the platform.

"We plan to improve Atlas' capabilities by investing in scaling its back-end measurement systems and enhancing its current suite of advertiser tools on desktop and mobile," Mr Boland posted.

"We will also work to improve the user interface and functionality with the goal of making Atlas the most effective, intuitive, and powerful ad serving, management and measurement platform in the industry."

Mr Boland says that Atlas's platform combined with Nielsen and Datalogix will help advertisers to "close the loop" and compare their Facebook campaigns to the rest of their spending on advertising across the web on desktop and mobile.

"Our belief is that measuring various touch points in the marketing funnel will help advertisers to see a more complete view of the effectiveness of their campaigns," he stated.

"We look forward to further building out the Atlas platform to help marketers better understand how well their campaigns perform, and to help them optimize their campaigns."

Posted by April Revake.