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Facebook now has over 40 million small business pages [VIDEO]

Despite being by far the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook is still continuing to grow. Just recently, in the Q1 Earnings Call Facebook revealed that they now have over 1.44 billion monthly users around the globe.

But the number of small businesses active on the site is also growing rapidly.

Facebook has recently announced that 40 million small businesses are now active on the site, a significant boost from 30 million in June last year.

The social giant has also shown a keen interest in helping these businesses grow. With the announcement of these new figures, Facebook announced that they will be rolling out live chat services to help small businesses in a few countries and are hosting events around the world advising these businesses on some social media best practices.

In the past few years or so Facebook has become notorious for its low organic reach, meaning small businesses have a very little shot of reaching consumers unless they invest in paid advertising.