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Facebook offers free guide for businesses

A free how-to guide has been posted by Facebook that takes company owners through the steps of creating and maintaining a page for their business.

The social media giant hopes the guide will help businesses grow their online audience by walking them through the process from creating pages to purchasing ads.

Aimed at Facebook beginners, the guide will demystify the process of getting company pages online and in front of their customer base.

It also addresses sponsored stories and the possibilities of including apps on pages.

A strong emphasis has been placed on sharing content, audience engagement and setting clear goals for the page to achieve as part of an overall business strategy.

It is interesting to note that the guide has been released following reports of businesses experiencing hiccups on Google+.

Social media marketing has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, with many businesses embracing cost-efficient methods of marketing.

You only need to watch a single television commercial break to notice the overwhelming number of businesses that are plugging their Facebook page on their ads.

Part of its popularity is due to the fact that the platform is inherently different to traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

Whereas an advertising billboard sends out a message to people on the street, a business cannot measure the response to it, nor can it be used to engage with consumers.

Social media marketing allows for companies to interact with their target audience by creating unique campaigns, accepting feedback and opening up a potentially viable client-customer relationship.

Some company Facebook pages have millions of followers, meaning the business can guarantee a wide audience every time it makes an announcement or offer.

It is clear from the release of this free guide that Facebook aims to help businesses succeed on their platform, and with over 750 million registered users, the potential is promising.