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Facebook offers tips on creating a social campaign

Facebook has put together some tips to support political campaigns as they build toward US election day – but there's no reason why we Aussie marketers can't get in on the action too.

Some of these suggestions are great regardless of what type of brand you are promoting on social media.

Reach your target audience when they are online

Find out who your target audience is and engage them at the times when they are most likely to be online. If your focus is on working professionals, for example, you might want to time Facebook posts so they go live during the lunch hour.

It was found that the hours of nine and ten in the evening were one of the most engaging times on the site.

Pictures really are worth a thousand words

One interesting finding from Facebook was that posts with images are getting a lot more attention than posts without them. Incorporating pictures into your social media marketing strategy could boost your chance of engagement.

Show off your personality

Just like Obama and Romney are trying to reach the masses with a bit of a personal touch – Obama, apparently, is a fan of The Fugees – you shouldn't be afraid to show off a little bit of personality too.

Showing that there are real humans – and sometimes even a sense of humour – behind your brand can give added warmth to your communication strategy.

Post regularly

As a provider of fresh content, you could accuse us of being a little biased on this point – but there's no denying that fresh content gets results from both human readers and the search engines. Sharp, relevant and frequent posts will keep your audience coming back for more.

Posted by April Revake