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Facebook opens up embedded posts to all users

As any blog or website owner will no doubt know, embedding Facebook posts into pages is pretty impossible – until now.

The social networking site has rolled out a new feature that means any public post can be added to a blog or website – something that was previously only available to publishers.

So how exactly does this work? Well, Facebook has received plenty of feedback from publishers since embedded posts were first introduced last month, which has been taken into consideration ahead of the global launch.

Website owners can directly access the embed code for the post so it can easily be added to a third party website.

All you have to do is click on the drop down menu next to the like page or follow button, which will then give you the embed code.

Facebook has also made sure that mobile users aren't forgotten either – the width of embedded posts has been increased so they fit better on smaller devices.

Not only this, the like, comment and share buttons have been enlarged so they are easier to click on.

For anyone running Facebook campaigns, this feature has the potential to be quite valuable.

Not only does it help improve the visibility of your posts on the website, but it also helps to make users aware that you have a presence in the world of social media marketing.

This news comes just days after Twitter unveiled plans for a new related headlines feature, which helps group together discussions on a certain topic.

Once a tweet has been embedded in a website, it will appear in a list for Twitter users, which helps them to look at related stories and bring better context to messages.

The feature should help people to keep track of the biggest news stories – watch this space to see how popular it is!

Posted by Emma Furze