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Facebook planning mysterious ‘launch event’

The blogosphere is buzzing today with speculation of what Facebook's mysterious "event" scheduled for this Wednesday could be.

Last week, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told press representatives at Facebook's Seattle headquarters that the social network is set to "launch something awesome" in the near future.

It is thought that the "something awesome" could be announced as part of a new Facebook event that was announced on the networking website alongside a new icon, which PC magazine describes as "somewhat of a cross between Facebook Messages and Facebook Groups".

The general consensus is that the announcement is likely to be a new tablet app – possibly either a photo-sharing app designed to work with the iPhone or one designed especially for iPads. Tablet apps are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to social media strategy, particularly as more people are carrying tablets and accessing sites such as Facebook on the go.

However, others are speculating that with Google+ recently announcing a video chat feature known as Hangouts, Facebook could be gearing up for a similar offering.

TechCrunch suggests that an agreement between Facebook and Skype could be in the works – a deal which could bring group chatting to Facebook and give the social network another edge over the competition.