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Facebook prioritises timely and trending news stories

Despite being the world’s most popular social networking site and one of the the most widely used content marketing tools by businesses, Facebook still has its critics.

In fact, British TV personality Stephen Fry recently revealed his distaste for the site on Twitter.

“Every aspect of design and every decision in terms of connection and privacy is like a loaf of bread to a coeliac or a haunch of venison to a vegetarian.” said Fry.

The site has also been slammed recently for the content it shows in its News Feed.

While primarily being a social networking platform, Facebook has been working hard to establish itself as a news hub by showing timely current events stories.

However, last month Facebook was flooded with the ASL ice bucket challenge, with millions of people posting videos of ice being poured over their heads, which resulted in fewer news events making into people’s News Feed.

Digiday recently compared Facebook’s news coverage of the shooting of American teenager Michael Brown by a police officer to its rival Twitter, and Facebook’s inclusion of the event in News Feeds was underwhelming in comparison.

In an attempt to clean up its News Feed, Facebook has made an update again to include more current news stories.

Some posts are only relevant or interesting for a short period of time, acknowledged Facebook, such as the ending of a TV show or result of a sports game.

To counter this, Facebook has set up two new factors that will filter out stories from News Feed that are no longer current.

One of the ways they are achieving this is by showing stories that are trending in real-time. In particular, trending topics your friends are talking about are more likely to show up higher on your News Feed.

According to Facebook’s studies, this should increase user engagement by 6 percent.

Another measure for timely news content is by including recent stories with lots of likes and shares.

To help brands get in on trending stories, Facebook has also set up Facebook Media. This site has advice, success stories and updates for businesses using the site for social media marketing.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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