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Facebook reaches another milestone with one million active advertisers

In today's online environment, advertising doesn't have to take a lot of strenuous planning, thanks to the features available on social media websites.

A social media marketing strategy is now the norm for businesses in Australia and around the world, with Facebook one platform that allows companies to whip up advertisements that have the potential to reach millions in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Yesterday (June 18) Facebook director of small business Dan Levy announced that the social website had gained more than one million active advertisers.

"We all start small. And whether you’re reaching your first customer or your millionth, I’m thankful that we’re a part of your business," Mr Levy posted.

He invited businesses to share their success stories on the Facebook for Business page, so that other companies can learn what could been done to expand their customer base and drive sales on the social network.

Wine Market Australia is a local wine retailer that earns around $15,000 per month in revenue from its e-commerce shop on Facebook, with as much as $60,000 generated in the last three months alone!

"The ease at which the Facebook Page allows us to push exclusive deals and promotions to our audience and for them in turn to share it with their friends, has provided us with a tangible low cost sales channel that we can monitor in real time and almost always see a positive financial impact to the business," Wine Market Australia's digital marketing and social media administrator Aidan Lynch said.

This really puts into perspective the value of a social media strategy and how it can be used to boost profits for your company and extend your audience reach.

You can read more tips on how to make the most of your Facebook campaigns, by checking out the Wine Market Australia case study from Facebook.

Posted by April Revake.