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Facebook reigns supreme in Brazil

Google's Orkut has been replaced by Facebook as the most popular social network site in Brazil.

According to data from analytics firm Comscore, Facebook attracted 1.7 million more unique visitors than Orkut in the month of December – indicating a 192 per cent year-on-year increase.

Comscore's Alex Banks claimed that Brazil is a particularly social market and ranks fifth in the world's largest social networking population.

"But despite the cultural affinity for social media, Facebook adoption had traditionally lagged in the market," Mr Banks noted (January 17).

"That has all changed in the past year, during which the site has tripled in audience size as engagement has grown sevenfold to assume the leadership position in the market."

As of October 2011, Brazil was one of seven countries were Facebook was not the most popular social media platform – now only China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Poland and Russia remain.

Not only did Brazil record more unique users, but the visitors were spending more time on the site.

In December 2011, an average visitor spent 285 minutes on the site – a significant increase on the 37 minute average recorded in the previous year.

Each visitor consumed approximately 500 pages of content on the site during December 2011 – up 655 per cent from 2010 – and visited the site an average of 27 times during the month.

Ranking behind Facebook and Orkut, Windows Live Profile recorded 13.30 million unique visitors, while Twitter and Vostu followed.

Newcomer Google+ claimed sixth position – attracting 4.3 million visitors up until December – ahead of Tumblr and LinkedIn.

However, the Comscore figures excluded visitation from public computers such as internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Posted by Elise Ferrari