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Facebook Remarketing In 60 Seconds

Facebook Remarketing in 60 Seconds

Facebook is the world’s largest social media site, with 2 billion users logging on every day. And while Facebook has had a lot of negative coverage recently, from its failure to properly handle fake news to doubts over its enduring appeal to young people, it remains an essential tool for content marketers.

If you want your best content seen by the right people, Facebook is often the best way to do it. The site’s unparalleled reach helps bring down the cost of running campaigns to promote your blog, push users to your eBook download or drive more shares on your videos. Its sophisticated range of advertising options means there is more likely to be an option that fits your specific requirements. One such option is remarketing.

By installing Facebook pixels on your site you can start to build audiences of users who visit particular pages or take specific actions like watching a video or downloading a whitepaper. You can then use these audiences to run your Facebook ads.

This can be a really effective way to nurture users through different stages of the sales funnel. Someone who has visited your blog a few times might not be ready to become a customer right now. But if you can retarget that user with a Facebook ad promoting an eBook on a subject they’ve been reading about you might be able to strengthen your relationship with them.

Once that user has downloaded your eBook they can move into another Facebook audience and see different ads. Maybe a case study or a free trial offer. Facebook remarketing has its limitations and you won’t get anything like the same insights you can get from a marketing automation platform, but if your budget is limited it’s a great way to leverage content you’ve created for your blog or website.


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