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Facebook smartphone to rival Apple and Google

With more than 350 million users logging into Facebook on their smartphone each month, it was only a matter of time before the social media network decided to enter the mobile market with its very own phone.

Talk of the so-called Buffy phone have been circulating in IT community since November last year, but it was unclear whether the company would be strong – or big – enough to take on competitors Google and Apple.

But if reports from Silicon Valley are accurate, it would appear that Facebook is keen to rollout its own smartphone as early as next year.

The details are still are little slow coming, experts are of the opinion that the phone would run on a customised version of Android – which is the same technology that is currently in use by Amazon's Kindle.

Although Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has yet to make an official comment about Buffy, the media giant and his social network are not shying away from the idea.

"Our mobile strategy is simple: we think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social," a representative from Facebook told the AFP.

"We're working across the entire mobile industry; with operators, hardware manufacturers, OS providers and application developers to bring powerful social experiences to more people around the world."

While this may not do anything to quell rumours, it is being read as an indication from Facebook that the company is moving toward improving its mobile base.

Another hint that the social network will be launching its very own smartphone is a spate of recent hiring in the software development sector, as well as a leak from one former employee who told the New York Times Zuckerberg was worried about falling behind if it didn't launch its own mobile device soon.

Posted by Aimee McBride