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Facebook still the world leader in social networking

New research has revealed what most of us already know – Facebook is the global leader when it comes to social networking.

Marketing and social media expert Vincenzo Cosenza updates his world map twice a year using publicly available data, seeking to identify what social networks are popular in which areas.

In the latest iteration he analysed 137 countries – adding Uganda for the first time – and found Facebook to be far and away the most popular option when it comes to connecting with friends and family online. 

However there are some Eurasian countries where Mark Zuckerberg's company has yet to take hold. An interesting battle is unfolding in Russia, where V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki are fighting for the top spot.

In China, where Facebook is banned, Qzone is the most popular social networking option, boasting a remarkable 560 million users. Its closest competitors are Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo, which each have a userbase of around 330 million.

While a little bit predictable perhaps, this is still interesting research. As we all know, a strong social media marketing campaign is only as valuable as the amount of people it reaches.

Twitter also features prominently on the list, taking second place in the USA and UK, as well as Sweden. That's good news for the many businesses that have already invested in Twitter campaigns.

Linkedin is still a popular choice for professionals, particularly in Canada and Europe, although it will be interesting to see how recent security concerns affect that rating.

It's worth noting that Google+ data was not included in this particular study as it chooses not to make user number publicly available. Chief executive officer Larry Page released an update in April, however, claiming it had passed the 100 million mark.

That still puts the year-old project well behind Facebook, which has a reported 700 million people registered.