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Facebook the network most likely to encourage customer purchases

One question that many businesses may ask themselves is which social platform they should put more focus on in their social media marketing activities.

Particularly in the area of e-commerce and sales, it's important for them to know if they should spend more time and money honing their Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter campaigns.

While it can be ideal to have accounts on all the main social media websites, it can be much more efficient knowing which platform to spend more time on.

The social media giant that is Facebook could be that platform, with a Vision Critical white paper revealing that this website is the network most likely to drive customers towards a purchase.

The white paper, From Social to Sale, says that nearly one in three Facebook users have purchased something after sharing, liking or commenting on it on the website.

Vision Critical's research was based on nearly 6,000 survey responses on social media behaviour, giving insight into how the biggest shopping social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, drive customers to make purchases on- and offline.

One of the key findings was that four in ten social media users have bought an item online or instore after favouriting or sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Another recent study shed light on online shopping, in an Australian context, finding that 73 per cent of online users from the age group 35-44 have shopped on the internet.

The next largest age group of shoppers was 25-34 (69 per cent) followed by the age group 45-54 (65 per cent).

The most popular categories purchased online by Australian buyers were travel/accommodation (74 per cent), CD/music/DVD (45 per cent), clothes/jewellery (34 per cent) and computers/software (31 per cent).

Posted by April Revake.