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Facebook to introduce facial recognition technology?

The latest social media rumour to make headlines is that Facebook could be looking into buying facial recognition site,

Currently, by heading to this website people can download various applications that help them to identify faces on the web – be they of celebrities or personal acquaintances.

While speculation that Facebook is looking to purchase this app is sparking outcry – many fear it would be a breach of privacy – it is worth noting that facial recognition is not a new concept for the social network.

In fact, advertises itself with Facebook in mind, the tagline for its facial recognition camera reading: "Tagging your Facebook friends has never been easier!"

The difference at the moment is that currently, people have to seek out the application. If Facebook buy it, however, it could become an integral part of its social experience.

And Australians do not seem too happy about that possibility, according to a recent survey commissioned by Unisys.

We aren't opposed to facial recognition technology in general – with over 95 per cent in support of airport and immigration officials having access to it – but in terms of Facebook gaining control, we are a little more wary.

Only 38 per cent were in favour of the social network using facial recognition to help people tag photos and identify friends.

Security Program Director for Unisys Asia Pacific John Kendall said our support for this technology all comes down to context.

"There is very strong support for facial recognition technology but only in circumstances that Australians deem to be appropriate, such as policing or protecting borders," he explained.

"However, there is far less support for facial recognition technology used in social media or by employers in the workplace."

Regardless of whether these rumours are founded in truth or not, users of Facebook and other social sites should always remember to employ their own social media strategy if they want to protect their privacy.

Only upload images and information that you would be comfortable sharing and set your account settings to private.

Posted by Jess O'Connor