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Facebook unveils plan to streamline advertisements

The key to advertising on social media is to post content that is compelling, engaging, simple in design and has a clear call to action – sounds simple right?

Simplicity is essential in this advertising formula for social media marketing, with a consumer probably likely to keep scrolling down if your advertisement is text-heavy, loaded with jargon or just looks too busy!

Facebook offers a number of advertising options with features that help you to build your audience and promote your page posts.

This advertisment may take the form of a sponsored story posted in news feeds or an ad displayed on one of the side columns.

Facebook announced yesterday (June 6) that they were working on simplifying their product offerings, with plans to streamline the number of ad units in the next six months from 27 to "fewer than half".

"As the services we provide to marketers have grown, so have our new products; while each product may be good on its own, we realised that many of them accomplish the same goals," Facebook posted in their blog.

One of the ways in which Facebook aims to streamline advertising is through eliminating redundancies. Many of the ad units achieved the same goals, with Questions product for Pages being cut, as marketers can ask a question in a post and receive answers in comments.

The online Offer product is also being removed because marketers have found that using a Page post link ad is a "more effective way" to drive people to deals on their websites.

From late June, a more "consistent look and feel" to Facebook ads will be rolled out, providing a better overall experience for users.

This will make creating ads easier for advertisers who run multiple campaigns, with this move thought to ultimately help advertisers optimise their campaigns across mobile and desktop.

Posted by April Revake.