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Facebook users lash out at the company’s latest change

For a company that prides itself on helping people "to share and make the world more open and connected," Facebook is having a hard time living up to its mission statement.

It seems that the social media giant is not sharing or connecting enough with its 900 million monthly active users.

Facebook changed everyone's email addresses over the weekend without posting so much as a notification on its company page, causing many people to lash out at the social network.

If you have listed your contact email on your profile, this will no longer be or or whatever domain name you use – all addresses are now automatically displayed at

The consequences of this change are not huge. Simply put, anyone wanting to find your email on your Facebook page will now only have the option of contacting you through the social network, which could actually be a positive thing when it comes to privacy.

Users are also able to change their emails back without drama by going into account settings, or if they would prefer, they can also hide their contact details altogether.

So why are people getting so up and arms about this change? Well, it's a matter of principle, Facebook users say.

They expect to be informed about alterations that Facebook makes, especially when these modifications directly affect them.

In Facebook's defence, the company did release a small statement on April 12 alluding to the proposed changes.

However, the social media giant should know that users like up-to-date, fresh, breaking news – April is a stone age away in digital time.

Perhaps Facebook should look into updating their own social media marketing strategy – if the company had made one extra blog post over the weekend, this whole story may have passed by unnoticed.

Posted by Jess O'Connor