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Facebook wins Golden Globe

Facebook, already the world's largest social networking site and – according to one recent valuation – one of its most valuable companies, has won a Golden Globe.

Well, not quite. In fact it was Aaron Sorkin's Facebook biopic, The Social Network, that picked up the gong for Best Picture (along with three others) at last night's awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

The movie, which was a box office hit last year, tells the story of how Facebook was founded at Harvard in the early 2000s and, through rows, recriminations and lawsuits, developed into a worldwide sensation with 500 million members.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook creator, CEO and the central character in the movie, at first refused to comment on its and said he wouldn't be watching it. He has since said that while many of the details were correct, the film is certainly no documentary.

But whether or not it is an entirely accurate portrayal of the events surrounding Facebook's early years, The Social Network is a hugely entertaining, movie that is undeniably of its time – and it suggests Justin Timberlake may have a second career in acting.

The movie picked up four Golden Globes in all – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score and Best Screenplay for West Wing writer Aaron Sorkin.

While the Social Network team was celebrating, Aussie hopefuls were left to console themselves with the free champagne. Geoffrey Rush (The King's Speech), Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) and Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingddom) all missed out on awards.