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Facebook beginning to roll out video ads

In recent years Facebook has become an incredibly popular content marketing tool, mainly for its ability to reach a broad audience. Now the world’s largest social networking site has opened up another avenue for marketers by launching video advertising.

While some of you may have be eagerly awaiting this fresh new advertising opportunity, other’s are no doubt dreading their own Facebook account’s becoming flooded with new ads.

This week Facebook announced Premium Video Ads will be rolling out over the next few months, after testing the feature since December of last year.

The 15 second videos will show up in the News Feed and start playing automatically on mute, and sound can be added by simply clicking on the video.

But Facebook is adamant these ads won’t affect users social networking experience. The site has only accepted advertisements from a select few, stating that they only want videos with high-quality sight, sound and motion.

Facebook is using Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to measure the quality of advertisements, and Ace Metrix, which will review the viewer engagement levels of ads.

Earlier this week Facebook made another change that will affect brands using the site for social media marketing by updating the layout on their Pages.

Not a brand’s page is a one-column display which means all posts will appear on your page’s News Feed, making posts far more visible.

Previously, a page’s timeline was shown on the left-hand-side, with information about the business on the right.

Along with this new layout, Facebook has also made it easier for brands to manage their page, such as seeing their ads, new likes, unread notifications and messages.

These new changes are part of a larger move on Facebook’s behalf to increase its position as an advertising hub. If this new video advertising features is successful, it could soon become part of many brands content strategy.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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