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Facebook’s effectiveness for marketing ‘uncertain’

Facebook has operated as the gateway to social media marketing for many businesses over the past few years. This makes sense – over a billion people worldwide have Facebook accounts.

But Isaac Newton’s theory – ‘what goes up must come down’ – is clearly something many marketers are fearing is about to take place.

Social Media Examiner’s latest Social Media Marketing Industry Report has revealed the majority of marketers are now skeptical of Facebook’s ability to reach consumers.

The survey interviewed 2,800 marketers – 94 per cent of which are currently using Facebook to market their business.

This year marketers are more confident in Facebook’s effectiveness than they were the year before, with 43 per cent believing their efforts on the site are working well.

However, the majority of marketers interviewed remain uncertain as to whether their efforts are effective or ineffective.

Now over a fifth of marketers (21 per cent) believe that their efforts on Facebook are in vain and are not convinced about its overall usefulness.

Do you agree with this statement? My Facebook marketing is effective

The world’s largest social networking site has recently come under scrutiny for favouring its own advertisers, making it harder for marketers to reach users organically.

Since Facebook’s main source of revenue comes from the sale of advertising spaces, this move makes sense for its business strategy.

Considering that the top two objectives of social media marketers are to increase exposure and to draw more traffic, we may soon see many marketers abandoning the site for good.

Although it is important for brands to find platforms that are useful for connecting with their target audience, it is also necessary not to rely too heavily on one medium. Businesses should develop a content strategy that is reliant on a range of different platforms that are all integrated together.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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