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Finding reliable sources from uni assignments to company blogs [VIDEO]

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At university we were all told to avoid Wikipedia because virtually anyone can edit its content, yet that’s where we all went when cramming for a test.

A new study has revealed that students still regard Wikipedia as a valuable source of background information.

The research by Monash University in the US found that around seven in eight students make use of the free online encyclopedia to get a better grasp on a topic – one of the reason’s why it’s the sixth most-visited site in the world.

But when it came to referencing the site, students were much more likely to trust search engines such as Google, library websites, and even Facebook. The researchers suggested that field experts from universities should start editing and contributing to Wikipedia’s content to make it more reliable.

Brands that have invested in content marketing will know the importance of reliable source material. Just as getting your facts right when you’re studying will help you score good grades, producing accurate, well-researched content for your blog or website will go down much better with search engines and users.