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Five key changes to Pinterest

Is Pinterest part of your business' social media marketing strategy? If it isn't you're missing out on a whole heap of opportunities, with Pinterest a great way to give your company exposure and drive traffic back to your website.

The image sharing platform has also just recently launched a new tool, Pinterest Web Analytics, which allows businesses to gauge who is sharing their content and the most popular pins with visitors.

Pinterest Web Analytics can help companies to improve their content strategy accordingly with the insights provided, so that you know what appeals to your audience.

There are some other features that you should be aware of, shared in PinnableBusiness' infographic, so you can make the most out of your company Pinterest page.

Goodbye hashtags

Just like Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest users were applying hashtags to their content descriptions, but PinnableBusiness has revealed that this function has now been permanently removed.

Putting a hashtag in front of words and terms will no longer make them searchable or linkable.

Bigger images   

Pinterest images are set to get bigger, with more focus on the details of the image.

This is important to know so that you can ensure that pictures you pin to your boards are optimised to 735 pixels wide (formerly 600).

Users aren't going to want to repin an image that is pixelated or doesn't properly fit into the dimensions.

Website button on pins

Good news for companies, users are now able to click on a website button to be directed straight to your website!

This button sits next to the Pin It and Like buttons on the image, as well as the 'related pins' sidebar.

Reduced word count for description

You can't ramble on too long in your pin description, with Pinterest reducing this from 200 words to 160.

'Liking' Facebook feature abolished

Pinterest has removed the option to like a board on Facebook, in what PinnableBusiness describes as "bad news for marketers" who got new likes by tying their Facebook page with Pinterest.

Posted by April Revake.