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Four tips for crafting stellar Facebook status updates

The Facebook status update is all about attracting attention and encouraging interaction on the part of your audience, so it’s important to ask yourself: how many likes are we getting on average?

If you’re noticing that a few of your statuses are going by unliked, then it may be time to assess the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns and think of ways to boost the appeal of your content.

It’s no easy task creating compelling status updates, but with these four tips, you can get on track to more engaging and relevant content for your followers.

Image + Text = Status

To make your statuses much more appealing to your audience, you might want to consider killing two birds with one stone and using overlay text on an image.

An infographic by ShortStack and The Social Skinny says that this will help to make your post to stand out on the News Feed, and if it’s interesting enough, could garner a few shares!

Add Hashtags

Hashtags have only recently been introduced to Facebook, but they can help to extend the reach of your posts and also provide context!

Instead of typing a lengthy status, you could instead summarise the whole idea in one simple, but memorable, hashtag.

Short and Sweet Please!

A long status can get pretty boring, fast, so aim to make your statuses short and snappy.

Many Facebook users check the site from their phones, so a short post can be much more appealing to read on-the-go than a more lengthy one.

Share Tips

Followers love learning something new, so attract interest in your posts by sharing tips relevant to your business and industry.

ShortStack and The Social Skinny say that if you share a tip in your status update, it is a good idea to begin the post with ‘TIP’, as this makes your post stand out to fans in News Feeds. This can also be used when sharing a piece of news, advice, an update or a checklist.

Posted by April Revake.