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FourSquare introduces new features: lists and auto-complete

The location-based social network FourSquare has recently unveiled it's newest set of features to help its 10 million customers to navigate their local business environment.

Amongst its latest offerings are lists – which generate online catalogues of places users would like to visit. These can be organised along any theme or idea imaginable by their creator, then get distributed amongst friends and followers throughout the network.

Auto-complete is another addition to the services provided by FourSquare. When a user logs on – either via an app or through the main website – the social media organisation now provides them with an auto-complete function that provides predictive options based on past user input and friends recommendations.

Users can access both of these features through apps and websites – the idea being that ease of use and the ability to share user-made content will enhance the experience further.

FourSquare has applications that suit a variety of mobile devices and has managed to gather an impressive array of official clients – including the US White House.

Users gain points every time they 'check in' to a venue and can earn badges for specific actions – including the coveted "mayor" trophy awarded to users who frequent locations more than their peers.

Companies have been making use of the opportunities presented by the location-based nature of the social media website, with many businesses offering followers exclusive deals to customers who log their location through an app or sms before making a purchase.

It is this points-based system that attracts many users, with online leaderboards displaying the results of friends, badges awarded, places visited, lists created and rewards provided.

The social media platform actively encourages real world interactions with bricks-and-mortar businesses and can actively promote companies to its users – making it a solid contender for social media marketing activities.