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Fresh content key to a Panda-friendly website

High-quality fresh content that appeals to first-time visitors is the key to creating a Panda-friendly website, according to one expert.

Matt Nguyen of RedSource Interactive commented to Experts Exchange Tech News that the latest Google algorithm update places more focus on overall site quality than ever before.

Rather than analysing websites on a page-by-page basis, Google now takes overall stock of whether or not site content is useful, original and valuable to human users.

Mr Nguyen also commented that where the content appears on each page could affect its search rankings. Quality content placed "above the fold" – the part of your website immediately visible to a user, rather than text you have to scroll down the page to read – tends to rank better than a page displaying large ads front and centre.

Social media can also help to reinforce to Google – and your potential customers – that your website is trustworthy. Encouraging users to share content via Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites can drive traffic back to your pages.

News sites have been among those who benefited from the Panda update, which was rolled out in the US back in March and made its Australian debut earlier this month.

Figures reported earlier this week by ZDNet UK suggested that Yahoo! News, Fox News and the New York Times have all enjoyed greater visibility in Google search results thanks to the change.