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Fresh content – the case for an agency

There has been plenty of buzz on the web in recent weeks about how to get regular, high-quality fresh content on your website or company blog.

Yesterday, freelancer and Econsultancy contributor Tom Albrighton argued the case for hiring a freelance copywriter, while last month, Sharon Flaherty highlighted the benefits of employing a full-time member of staff to produce your copy in-house.

Of course, as Castleford Media is a provider of custom web content, we admit we're a little biased when it comes to choosing the best people to create your news articles, blog posts and web copy.

Both Econsultancy writers make a number of excellent points about their respective preferences for content writers.

An in-house writer often has valuable knowledge about your company and you'll benefit from having complete control over the content that is produced.

But if this person becomes ill, takes a holiday or decides to move on to a new role, they take all of their knowledge, skills and experience with them – and you may be back at square one. Plus, you'll be responsible for essentials including not only their salary, but also their training, management and creating space for them in your office.

Using a freelance copywriter also has advantages – you can request for work to be done as and when you need it, for example – and drawbacks. Independent contractors often set their own schedules – meaning you can't control their availability. Freelancers also may charge higher rates per article.

This is where our own bias comes into play – but opting for an agency to assist you with your content production can be a wise move from a search marketing perspective, as well as a financial one.

An agency can provide a cost-effective solution – you'll find that in many cases, the monthly cost of an article package is considerably less than employing a full-time member of staff to carry out the same work at your organisation, or paying a freelancer on a per-article basis.

At Castleford Media, all our writers are Sydney-based and work full-time – and they all receive comprehensive (and ongoing) SEO and media law training. And with a dedicated team producing your content to a flexible brief set by you, even if one writer is sick or takes a holiday, it won't affect the frequency of your fresh content posts.