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Friday Recap: CoreLogic gets Savvy, Google’s feeling generous and Twitter opens up - Castleford

Friday Recap: CoreLogic gets Savvy, Google’s feeling generous and Twitter opens up

This week it seems everyone is in the mood to do good. CoreLogic is giving their agents access to SavvyCard, a platform that can boost just about every marketing metric out there and Google is passing out Awwwards in the form of the new Mobile Excellence Badge. Twitter, on the other hand, is cleaning up their act by launching the Advertising Transparency Centre.  Nice work all round!

CoreLogic agents get savvy about generating more leads

When it comes to property research and analytics, CoreLogic is the undisputed global source. CoreLogic provides unique, in-depth property market insights that real estate agents and investors can use to identify opportunities and drive growth.

More than one million real estate agents use CoreLogic solutions, and now they have access to a tool that will help them enhance their business even more: SavvyCard.

SavvyCard is a platform that allows users to generate more leads by pushing multiple listings directly to Facebook and other social media platform. It generates an attractive, branded mobile website for each listing.


These advertisements are pushed on to social media platforms. Then, any leads that are generated come directly back to you, making this the perfect, easy-to-use tool for agents who want to focus on what they know: selling great property, not learning digital marketing.

Real estate agents aren’t the only ones who can benefit by getting savvy. The platform offers tailored solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Any organisation can use SavvyCard to gather contact information, generate referrals and leads, increase engagement, create brand awareness and track salesforce activity.

On its website SavvyCard reports that businesses using the tool report revenue growth of 20 per cent to 100 per cent annually.

Get an Awwward from Google on your mobile website performance

In an effort to incentivise those whose web pages that meet Google’s extensive Mobile Guidelines, Google has partnered with Awwwards to recognise those who have done a great job providing a mobile web experience.

Awwwards is an awards platform for web design and development. They rank websites on a scale of one to ten in the areas of design, usability, creativity and content.


From this month, digital professionals can submit their website to Awwwards, who will evaluate the performance on mobile. Websites will be judged on how well they adheres to Google’s standards of speed and usability, and those who achieve the required score will be given the new Mobile Excellence Badge.

According to Google, 53 per cent of mobile sites are abandoned if they take longer than three seconds to load. For digital marketers, a weak mobile site is clearly bad for business. And if that wasn’t enough to get you to improve the speed and user-friendliness of your mobile page, perhaps this shiny new badge from Google will be.

Twitter pledges to be more transparent about who they’re doing business with

It wasn’t a good look for Twitter earlier this year when a New York Times investigation revealed that Russians had created hundreds of fake accounts on the site to regularly post and share anti-Clinton messages.

There were hundreds more accounts on Facebook as well, but Twitter came under even closer scrutiny because, unlike Facebook, they don’t prohibit automated accounts and their authentication methods are much lighter.

From now on, Twitter will clearly label political ads and has tightened up their ad targeting guidelines. They’ll be launching a new transparency centre that will make it clear who is advertising on Twitter and what the relevant details are around those ads.

The centre will show:

  • All current ad campaigns
  • How long ads have been running
  • Information about the identity funding the campaign
  • Transparency around the total campaign spend

Political ads will be clearly identified by a visual indicator.

Political Ads

In general, Twitter is giving away much more information about how they target advertisements. Users will be able to see targeting demographics such as age, gender and geography, as well as have a look at which ads they might be eligible to see based on Twitter’s targeting methods.

This is an unprecedented move in social promotion, where many sites are hesitant to give up their secrets about why certain ads are or aren’t appearing in your news feed.

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