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Friday recap: Facebook job hunting, Save feature in Maps and new Facebook video options

Some interesting developments have cropped up over the last week, including a potential rivalry between Facebook and LinkedIn, new video options on Facebook for advertisers and users, and a ‘save’ feature in Google Maps.

Google has also announced the introduction of its ‘fun facts’ feature that has the potential to impact your organic search results, and Twitter is introducing an ‘Explore’ section to its site.

Move over LinkedIn, Facebook is offering job hunting

Soon, Facebook will start rolling out features that will help job seekers find and apply for positions while they are on the site.

A jobs bookmark will be introduced to company Pages, where employers can advertise positions within their business. The job advertisement will appear in their followers News Feeds just like a normal post and applicants can click and apply on the spot.

Admins on a company page can create the job posts, track applications and contact applicants, all within Facebook. Like other posts, job ads can also be boosted to reach a more defined audience.

While it does not (yet) create a similar networking atmosphere to LinkedIn, it certainly poses some rivalry. Facebook has the largest share of users out of all the social media giants, but LinkedIn has always maintained a point of difference by existing purely for professional networking and job seeking. By encroaching on this territory, Facebook will be hoping to bypass LinkedIn and keep users on their site for their career development needs too.

The job ads will only available within the US and Canada initially, to be rolled out within the next few weeks. Facebook users can visit the dedicated jobs page to see what positions are currently being advertised.

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Facebook Insights updates for ads and video

Facebook has announced upcoming changes to its reporting features which will provide advertisers with more detailed insights about their ad campaigns.

The update will primarily concern the number of impressions for ads on Facebook and Instagram. The new data will show how many milliseconds the ad was on the screen and whether it was 50% of the ad or 100%.

For video ads, advertisers will soon have three different options for the type of campaigns they purchase. Facebook said that “we also know that our partners have different campaign objectives — and they want media-buying flexibility as they work to create meaningful and memorable campaigns.”

The first option is Completed-view buying, which will only charge advertisers for video ads that have been viewed from start to finish, provided the ad is 10 seconds or less. Two-second buying will also be available, where at least 50% of the ad’s pixels are in view for two seconds or more. The last option will offer advertisers sound-on video ads, where the ad will automatically play with sound when a user is scrolling past it in the Feed.

Once rolled out, the new video ad options will be available across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

New video features on Facebook

As well as making changes to improve the advertiser experience, Facebook is also introducing some updates to make videos better for users.

Some users may have also noticed the ‘watch and scroll’ feature whilst it was being trialled, where you can minimise a video to the bottom right hand side of your News Feed. This allows users to continue watching the video while they scroll through their Feed. Vertical videos have also undergone some changes and will be rolled out as an improved, larger version.

Videos will now activate sound as soon as they appear in the feed, rather than users tapping on them. This could potentially upset some users who don’t want interruptions, but Facebook said that “as people watch more video on phones, they’ve come to expect sound when the volume on their device is turned on.” If your phone is set to silent, however, the videos won’t play with sound. You can also disable sound on videos altogether in your Facebook settings.

Lastly, Facebook is introducing a video app for TV, which will cast videos from your device to your TV. Video streaming is already available, but Facebook said that the app will expand upon its capability to enable users to “watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, top live videos from around the world, and recommended videos based on your interests”.

The app will be initially only be compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, coming to app stores soon. The ‘watch and scroll’ feature and sound-on videos are already available for iOS and Android users.

Lists in Google Maps

Google has introduced a feature into Maps that allows users to save locations to a variety of lists.

The ‘save’ icon appears after tapping on the name of the place inside Google Maps. You can save to a number of pre set lists like ‘Favourites’ or ‘Want to Go’, or create your own personalised list.

Lists can also be shared with other users so that you can share your favourite places with friends and family, as per Google’s recommendation. Google said that “Because sharing is caring, we made it easy to share lists like “Best Views in Sydney” via text, email, social networks and popular messaging apps. Whenever friends and family come to town, tap the share button to get a link and start flexing your local knowledge muscles.”

Lists can be accessed from the mobile or desktop version of Google Maps and can even be viewed offline. It’s just another reason to get your business listing into Google Maps and make sure your site is optimised for local search!

Google fun facts

People ask Google a lot of random questions, and now some of the answers will feature at the top of the search results.

Called ‘fun facts’, the feature displays a tidbit of information on the topic that you choose to search for. The information appears to be pulled from the most relevant article to the topic and displayed at the top of results with an accompanying image.

Google fun facts

If you’re struggling for content creation ideas or need to give your organic rankings a boost, try creating some articles with ‘fun facts’ about your product or service. With this new feature in place, you may just be able to drive more traffic to your site.

Twitter Explore

A new tab has been introduced to the Twitter platform that allows users to access more features in the one place.

Users would usually finds Trends, Moments and live video by visiting different areas of Twitter, but the new ‘Explore’ tab is designed to group this information together.


Twitter said that “Over the past year, we’ve been exploring different ways to make it simpler for people to find and use trends, Moments, and search. During our research process, people told us that the new Explore tab helped them easily find news, what’s trending, and what’s popular right now.”

Explore is available from now on iOS, and will be rolled out on Android over the coming weeks. Users will need to update their app to see the new tab.

Twitter explore tabTwitter explore tab


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