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Friday Recap Facebook Vs. Fake News, New LinkedIn & YouTube Updates - Castleford

Friday recap: Facebook vs. fake news, new LinkedIn & YouTube updates

If you love sharing fake news and absolutely hate video, this is not the Friday Recap for you…

However, for the rest of us, it’s been a grand old week. Let’s take a look at what Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube have been up to.

Facebook cracks down on fake news

For a number of years, now, Facebook has been one of the internet’s most prominent news-sharing platforms. Spreading the word about popular news topics is a great way to show that you’re plugged in and engaging with the world, but trigger-happy marketers might now find themselves penalised if they spread the wrong word.

On August 28, Facebook announced that it will penalise any Pages sharing fake news – i.e. content that has been marked as false by third-party fact-checking agencies.. Anyone caught doing so will be banned from advertising on the platform.

Although we’re sure this is unlikely to affect most Australian or New Zealand marketers, it’s still an important point worth heeding: Check what you share before you share it. These days, it’s not just angry commenters you’ll deal with, but a potential loss in revenue.

Lights, camera, action! … on LinkedIn?

Joining its brethren of Facebook, Google and Snap Inc. in the smartphone-ridden future, LinkedIn has recently announced that it’s rolling out video for Android and Apple users.

With just the touch of a button, users can now upload or record videos to instantly share on their feed. LinkedIn suggests this feature should be used for making quick tutorials, showcasing new products, highlighting key company events, or any similar professional-style vids – but of course, its use is only as limited as the user’s imagination.

The results are showing already. Techcrunch reports that videos are seeing as much as 20 times more engagement than regular posts. For any LinkedIn-heavy social media strategy, this is one heck of a new tool in the ol’ toolbelt.

New look, new you(Tube)

In makeover news, YouTube has just revealed an exciting new look, with refreshed logo and design to boot.

But although the logo is certainly exciting, here at Castleford, we’re buzzing about the new features.

YouTube overhauled some of its features to suit multi-device viewing. Perhaps most importantly, the video player will soon respond to the shape of the video it’s playing: if you upload a vertical smartphone vid, you’ll be watching a vertical smartphone vid – not a rectangle with black bars either side.

Plus, some of the gesture controls that the company has been toying with for a while are being expanded. Now not only can you double-tap a video to skip or rewind 10 seconds, you’ll be able to swipe left or right to see the next or previous video in a playlist, and adjustable playback speed is moving to mobile, too.

Check out their video below to see more.

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