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Friday recap: Highlights from the 2017 CMI Australian content marketing research report

According to data collected by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), success in content marketing increases with experience.

Research performed by CMI has been compiled into their fifth annual report on the state of content marketing in Australia, released earlier this week. Participants involved in the study are Australian marketers, both B2B and B2C, across a range of different industries and company sizes.

The report looks at benchmarks, budgets and trends across the content marketing industry. Specifically, it compares the difference between organisations at varying stages of their content marketing maturity/sophistication.

By grouping the 5 maturity phases into three categories that roughly represent beginning, intermediate and advanced, the percentages show a relatively even spread of Australian organisations in terms of their content marketing experience.

35% of Australian marketers say their organisation is in the ‘mature’ or ‘sophisticated’ phase, with 28% sitting in the ‘adolescent’ stage. 38% identify their organisation as being in the ‘young’ or ‘first steps’ phase. The parameters for assessing an organisation content marketing maturity are outlined in this chart.


Looking at the data for content marketing success, however, there are some clear differences in responses from each phase.

Only 3% of organisations in the young/first steps phase state their overall content marketing approach is extremely or very successful, compared to 25% of all Australian marketers and 56% of organisations in the mature/sophisticated stage.

The research clearly indicates that the more experienced and mature an organisation becomes in content marketing, the more success they find.

Here are some of the other interesting statistics pulled from the report.


82% of Australian marketers use content marketing. Of the 18% remaining that don’t currently have any content marketing efforts underway, over half say they plan to launch content marketing within the next 12 months.

Commitment and Success

59% Australian organisations are extremely or very committed to content marketing, as are 91% of organisations within the sophisticated/mature phase.

71% of Australian marketers rate the success of their organisation’s overall content marketing approach as moderately or very successful.

In regards to the factors that are attributed to this success, 71% of marketers say it is content creation, 62% say it is due to the strategy in place and 59% believe it is due to the time they spend on their content marketing.

Comparatively, 63% say their organisation’s reason for stagnancy in success is because not enough time has been devoted to content marketing, whereas 53% state it’s because content marketing is not prioritised highly enough.

content marketing institute research


90% of Australian marketers agree that content marketing is an important component of their organisations marketing program.

77% agree that their organisation is focused more on building long-term relationships with their audience than on getting quick results from content marketing. 71% of organisations in the young or first steps phase share this sentiment.


75% of marketers have a content marketing strategy in place, whereas only 44% of all marketers have a documented content strategy.

71% of participants state that their strategy is mapped out to include content marketing as an integral part of the business for the long term, not just a one-off campaign.

48% of marketers say that their organisation’s strategy is either very or extremely effective at helping the organisation achieve its content marketing goals, with 38% stating their strategy is only moderately effective at this.

Content marketing institute research

Content creation and distribution

80% of Australian marketers use analytics tools for content marketing.

68% of marketers expect to produce more content in 2017, although 72% of marketers also say they prioritise content quality over quantity.

Goals and metrics

80% of participants can demonstrate how content marketing has increased audience engagement, and 68% can demonstrate how content marketing has increased their organisations number of leads.

The top two goals that marketers will focus on over the next 12 months are engagement (72%) and lead generation (70%).

35% of marketers believe that website traffic provides truly measurable results of content marketing efforts.

Content marketing institute research

Budgets and spending

Australian marketers dedicate an average of 30% of total marketing budget to content marketing, with 47% planning to increase this amount over the next 12 months.

If you’re interested in reading the full report with Content Marketing Institute’s commentary you can check out the blog post on their site,or to just have a look through the report slideshare you can visit their LinkedIn page.

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