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Friday recap: New Snap Maps, live video replay on Instagram and Twitter DM buttons to drive conversions

This week’s instalment of Friday recap brings you a number of updates from the social media world, including Snap Maps for Snapchat, Live video replay on Instagram and buttons in Twitter DMs for brands communicating with their followers.

In other news, Google has revealed one part of its new ‘Jobs’ feature for job seekers on Search, and Twitter has given its mobile site a makeover.

Snap Maps for Snapchat

This week Snap Inc has dropped the latest feature for its Snapchat app: Snap Maps.

The new feature allows you to see stories of other users in map form so that you can move around the map to see what people are doing at their various locations.

Users can choose who can see their location in the Maps feature, whether that’s their entire friend list or just a select few. Users’ locations will only be updated when they are taking snaps within the app.

To access the Map, just go to the camera screen and pinch (as if you’re zooming out) to see the locations.

Live video replay on Instagram

Instagram has updated its live video function so that businesses on Instagram can add a replay of their live broadcast to their story.

After ending a live video, business users can choose to either discard the video or add it to their story ring, available for followers to view for another 24 hours.

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The video will display in stories with the likes and comments from the original broadcast, but businesses will be able to see metrics for both the live version and the replay. Multiple replays can be added to the story, and users can navigate between them, as well as skipping forward or backward for up to 15 seconds.

The update is available for both iOS and Android users with the latest version of the app.

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Buttons for Twitter DMs

Businesses that use Twitter direct messages to get in touch with their followers now have the option of adding buttons to their conversations to drive actions outside of the chat.

The buttons act as conversions within the message conversation, encouraging followers to take a certain action. This could be visiting a website, retweeting about the business, following another account or starting a new conversation with a sister account.

Twitter said that “For many businesses, delivering a great customer experience through a bot in Direct Messages depends on helping people complete a task other than sending a message.”

Businesses can attach up to 3 buttons to any message and fully customise the text that appears on them.

Phone on pink background with twitter message conversation

The new feature has already started rolling out and should be available for desktop, iOS and Android users soon. Visit the official blog post to find out more.

Google Job Search improved

After announcing its plans to create a job-seeking platform earlier this year, Google has now rolled out part of the final product: an improved experience for job seekers on Google Search.

Google said that “For queries with clear intent like [head of catering jobs in nyc] or [entry level jobs in DC], we’ll show a job listings preview, and each job can expand to display comprehensive details about the listing.”

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To get job listings in Google, employers or job sites like Seek need to mark up the listing with Google’s structured data, and submit a sitemap for each listing.

For more information about how to implement the listings and how the search rankings work, visit the official Google Webmasters blog post.

Twitter site makeover

Twitter recently unveiled the new look for its mobile site, saying that after receiving feedback and ideas from users the platform is now “lighter, faster, and easier to use.”

Iphone screen on blue background

Some of the changes include less clutter in the main screen with a new side navigation menu, links opening Safari instead of the app, bolder headlines and more intuitive icons.

The new look for Twitter is currently only available on iOS.

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