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Friday recap: Siri breaks up with Bing, Twitter goes big - Castleford

Friday recap: Siri breaks up with Bing, Twitter goes big

It’s been a busy ol’ week in the world of search and social, with seemingly everybody’s blog buzzing with activity. Twitter is back (hi, Twitter, been a while!), with friends LinkedIn, Moz and Apple also announcing snazzy new updates.

So let’s not waste time. Onwards!

Twitter goes big

Just when you were fretting about how small Twitter’s character limit is, the company goes and announces an increase.

Twitter is testing a 280-character limit for the languages it feels are impacted by “cramming”. That is, languages that require more characters to say less words. English is one of those affected, in addition to most European tongues.

Japanese, Korean and the like will not be getting the increase, because each of their symbols can convey more information with less text. Cramming isn’t an issue, Twitter claims, so 140 characters has proven acceptable.

Imagine what the world’s politicians can express with double the space!

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LinkedIn links in with Office 365

If you missed it last year, LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft to the tune of around US$26 billion. But since that point, we haven’t seen much integration between each company – until now.

LinkedIn information will now be connected to Office 365 profile cards, meaning personal details about your contacts will display in, say, Outlook, pulling from LinkedIn.

The idea here is to give users more knowledge of who they are talking to through Office 365.
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Moz’s sweet new learning hub

This week, Moz unveiled a new SEO Learning Center, where SEOs of all levels can come together to read tips and explanations from the experts, without being overwhelmed with a mountain of articles.

This is more than just a re-skinned Learn SEO and Search Marketing page. As Moz’s Rachel Goodman Moore explained, the original Moz hub was “languishing in its age.” It had grown too large and unwieldy to be convenient.

So in walks the SEO Learning Center. This new website is built around eleven key topic categories, and each contains hand-picked, informative content alongside a “fundamentals” section, where you can learn the basics before you dive in the deep end.

Siri and Bing break up, sort of

According to TechCrunch, Apple is switching its Siri search provider from Bing to Google.

Google search is already the default for Safari users on Mac and iOS, but Siri always preferred Bing. Well, the company has stated that – in the name of consistency – Siri will now use Google search for all Siri-related queries, with the exception of image searching (which will remain with Bing).

Additionally, video links will pull straight from YouTube.

Thankfully, Microsoft doesn’t seem too heartbroken by the development. In a statement to TechCrunch, a Microsoft spokesperson said that their relationship with Apple is still valued, and they look forward to continuing to work together in many ways.

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