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Friday Search and Social – the Castleford roundup

The Castleford team scours the web for the latest and greatest stories in the world of search and social media each week – and on Fridays, we share our findings.

Friday mornings are often a source of great inspiration – and fascinating news. Here are some of the gems we've enjoyed learning about this week.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Apple retail stores, the technology firm is planning something secret – and it's going to be big. Fast Company is among the sources tipping Apple's next announcement to be the launch of NFC-enabled technology – including phone handsets that could be used for wave-and-pay transactions. Whatever the surprise is, something is definitely afoot at Apple this weekend – and we're keeping our eye on their stores!

Search Engine Land's Scott Brinker posted an interesting analysis of Google's new Instant Preview for Ads – a low-profile change from the search engine that is likely to have a major impact on post-click marketing.

The preview function bridges the gap between landing page optimisation and pay per click marketing, meaning that having a well-presented, user-friendly and credible site has never been more important.

Finally, Bing announced on Monday that it is bringing the "friend effect" to search through a new partnership with Facebook. The Microsoft search engine asserts that emphasising "well-liked" content can help searchers "cut through the clutter" and find exactly what they are searching for.