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Friday Search & Social – the Castleford roundup

It's Friday again, which means the Castleford Media team are sharing our favourite recent headlines from the world of search and social media.

Topping our list this week is the fascinating YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011, which was hosted last month at the Sydney Opera House and streamed live all over the world on YouTube.

A total of 33 million people in 189 countries tuned into the Grand Finale, which capped off a week-long music festival here in Australia featuring 101 musicians from 33 countries around the world in an effort to make classical music more accessible.

We're also loving the new Facebook-style functionality that is starting to show up on LinkedIn. The professional networking site announced its new developer platform on Wednesday, which includes a 'recommend' button that echoes Facebook's 'like' button and a new 'share' function that resembles Twitter's retweet capability.

One of our savvy account managers came across this gem from TechCrunch – a pair of developers have already found a way to create an extension to blend Google's new +1 with Facebook 'likes' in a new tool called +Like, which is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

We think we agree with blogger Alexia Tsotsis, who wrote: "If I was Google, +Like would have me shaking in my boots."