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Friday Search & Social – the Castleford roundup

Every Friday morning, the team in the Castleford Media office gets together for an informal discussion about the latest developments in search and social media.

Each member of our staff is expected to contribute to the weekly Search & Social discussion – and the topics always spark quite a lot of lively conversation. Here’s what our search, social and tech-savvy team is talking about this week:

Google is the world’s most valuable brand

Brandirectory reports that Google has blazed past 2010 champ Wal-mart to take the title of the most valuable brand in the world, outpacing the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Vodafone, IBM and the Bank of America.

Twitter turns five

Micro-blogging site Twitter celebrated its fifth birthday on Monday – who would have thought in 2006 that the future would see us hooked on posts of 140 characters or less?

Consumers are engaged by Facebook campaigns

While it’s no surprise to us that an increasing number of companies are making connections with their fans and customers via Facebook and other social networking sites, the head of Facebook Canada predicts the social media network will continue to go from strength to strength when it comes to online marketing opportunities.

iPad 2 launches in Australia

Today is the day many Aussies have been waiting weeks for – the iPad 2 has finally hit our shores. Apple’s latest (and supposedly greatest) tablet – complete with a ten-hour battery – is set to go on sale in Australian shops at 17:00 today