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From water tanks to R.Kelly: Q&A with Content Strategist, Fran Deighton

Content that helps out the little guy, blogging about state-of-the-art water tanks and R.Kelly’s back catalogue. Check out our latest staff Q&A with Fran Deighton, one of our talented and hard-working content marketing strategists.

What were you doing before you joined Castleford?

I came to Castleford with a marketing and advertising background. Most recently, I was working as a marketing manager at a brand consultancy in London, and previously in an advertising agency, also over in the UK.

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

Being able to come up with different content marketing ideas and developing strategies with clients from a wide range of industries all with their own unique audiences and marketing challenges.

Who have you learned the most from in the Sydney office since you joined?

Our Head of Strategy (Trent Paul) is a continuous fountain of knowledge and advice when it comes to tough strategic questions, technical problems or anything to do with Google Analytics.

What’s been the most challenging client brief you’ve worked on so far?

Perhaps the least glamorous brand on first appearance has turned into one of my favourites. I have a client who makes a special type of polythene used for extra-tough, Australian-made water tanks. Developing a content marketing strategy for a niche business like this is challenging, but also a lot of fun.

What would be your dream account to work on?

I can honestly get enthused about a lot of different business areas!! I love smaller brands with big challenges, as I love to see our strategies make a real difference to their bottom line. Helping out the little guys gives me a real kick. Beyond that, I’m a huge follower of emerging technology companies and any businesses that are prepared to be bold and really break the mould, especially those working to create social good.

You’ve been lucky enough to represent the Castleford Cods. How did you get on?

Abysmally. When we start a Castleford dance troupe, I’ll come into my own.

What’s the last movie you watched and was it any good?

I think it was Night Crawler, which was really good, if not a bit dark.

What’s the most embarrassing track on your iPod?

I’m a bit of a music aficionado so I’d be reluctant to confess to any of my hand-picked tracks being embarrassing. If I’m having a private Spotify session it’s probably to indulge in R.Kelly’s back catalogue.