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Gap between mobile and desktop operating systems closing … but will websites follow the trend?

With the release of Apple's Mountain Lion to developers last week, the distinction between the operating systems of mobile phones and desktop computers is becoming less and less apparent.

Writing for CNN on February 21, founder of technology website Mashable Pete Cashmore explained that users can expect to see more similarities between the two devices in the coming years.

According to Mr Cashmore, Apple's decision to introduce iPhone features such as notifications and the Message app to the latest update of Mac OX comes down to simplicity.

"Despite decades of innovation and the invention of the graphical user interface, computers remain too confusing and complex for the majority of people," he wrote.

"While more powerful software with complex functionality will continue to exist for highly technical users, most consumers want a device that's easy to use and intuitive."

While other benefits of the merging of the technologies are security and effortless syncing, one question remains – are websites also embracing mobile technology?

Search Engine Land contributor Michael Martin recently addressed this issue, claiming that while tailoring content for the small screen was becoming increasingly important, less than ten per cent of the web was deemed "mobile-ready" in 2012.

According to Mr Martin, Mongoose Metrics Data Series data indicated that approximately nine per cent offered a mobile version of their website when a smartphone was detected – despite an increasing number of consumers preferring a mobile website.

Results of Adobe’s Mobile Experience Survey in 2011 indicated 80 per cent of users preferred mobile sites when searching for prices and product reviews.

"When a consumer does click on your site in the search results, over half of these potential customers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site and furthermore, 40 per cent would then visit a competitor site after a bad mobile experience on yours," he wrote (February 20).

Posted by Elise Ferrari