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Gen Y “leading the charge” with social networking

Australia's love of social networking is fuelled by the 18 to 30 age group, with many using their mobiles to access sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

This is according to new figures from Telstra, which claims that a significant number of customers in this demographic regularly use their mobiles to access social media sites.

Rebekah O'Flaherty, consumer executive director at the telecommunications firm, said that more young people than ever before are accessing these sites on the go – and even using them to shape their image with applications such as Facebook Places.

"Gen Y is leading the charge and armed with their mobile phones – using new technologies and applications to make their mark on the world," she said.

An estimated one in four Telstra customers regularly access Facebook on their mobiles, she added, making it Australia's most popular social networking site.

This could be an important consideration for any firm looking to establish a social media strategy, particularly in light of last week's news that 15 per cent of Google searches are now performed on mobile devices.

Posting special offers on your company's Facebook page or getting in touch with your customers via Twitter campaigns could help you build your social media presence – as long as campaigns are carried out with your target audience in mind.