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Genuinely useful mobile apps can boost your sales by up to 48 per cent [STUDY]

When someone takes the time to download your mobile phone app then you can feel pretty confident that they have some level of interest in your business.

And it makes sense then that your app users are more likely to become or remain customers. But according to a recent study you could be underestimating the real impact they can have on your bottom line.

Researchers at Iowa State University in the US found that when people downloaded a brand’s mobile app and continued to use it over a three-month period their spending increased by up to 48 per cent.

Furthermore, this spending boost was not dependent on the ability to make in-app purchases. Even if the app only provided useful information, such as a running point balance on your loyalty scheme or allowing you check-in at a physical store, users still spent more money.

“It could be a total game changer if a company provides an app that’s well functioning and offers some consumer benefit,” lead researcher Su Jung Kim told the Journal of Interactive Marketing.

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Only one chance to make a first impression

But while the upside of having a successful app is more sales, there is also a warning for brands. The researchers found that when an app failed to hit the mark it could sometimes do more harm than good.

“Customers are not going to give the app a second chance,” Kim noted. “We found that people who stop using the brand mobile app after they download it become disengaged. In terms of purchase behavior, they purchase less frequently and spend less money.”

Just like with any good content marketing campaign, your mobile app shouldn’t just be about your products and services. It needs to continuously earn its memory space.

With thousands of new apps released every day and room for less than 50 on most mobile devices competition is intense. If you’re not offering something users really value, your app won’t survive the next “storage almost full” notification.

Kim and her team also noted that apps needed constant maintenance to ensure they worked properly on different platforms and ongoing marketing to keep people aware of their existence and the features they offered.

Content marketers know all about adding value

Content marketing campaigns need to tackle these same issues. People interacting with your brand on your website, on social media or through your email campaigns don’t just want to be sold to constantly. They expect something of use or interest to them and they expect that something to be free.

A good blogging strategy or regular, engaging content for social media that goes beyond plugging what you do can introduce your brand to a new audience, build trust and start the sorts of relationships that can really benefit your bottom line in the long-term.

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