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Get ready for Google+ History

It might not be at the forefront of many social media marketing strategies just yet, but Google+ is still looking to improve its position in the online landscape

The site, which celebrated its one year anniversary last week (June 28), is planning to unveil a new feature named Google+ History, aimed at improving user's abilities to share and save original content online.

"When you sign up for the developer preview, your site or app will be able to privately save moments, such as a listened song, or a visited restaurant, to your users’ Google+ history," Google wrote when it made the feature available to developers on June 27.

"From there, your users can, if they want, share those moments with others, directly to the stream and/or on their profile."

The idea does seem interesting, if not entirely original. Last year Facebook announced Frictionless Sharing, a service that would allow users to cross-share their online activity.

However the difference seems to be that Google+ is willing to put more barriers in place so that you only share what you want to share, with your activity only being broadcasted to friends and family with your permission.

That could be of importance to social media users, who have often complained about Facebook's privacy policies and habit of changing account details without permission.

Google + was first launched to the public on September 21 2011, and earlier this month surpassed 250 million users.

While those numbers are impressive, the service is still not a realistic competitor to Facebook, which currently boasts around 900 million active members. Nor does it match up to Twitter, with the microblogging site registering its 500 millionth user in February.

However the eventual introduction of this new feature might just give Google+ the extra boost it needs to make some ground in the competitive social media landscape.

Posted by Zak Wash