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Give your brand engagement a much needed boost

Putting content up on your website or social media pages is one thing, but actually getting people to engage with your brand is quite a different skill altogether.

Although web users might be all too keen to glance over your original content, encouraging them to follow it up with an enquiry or repeat visits might not be as easy as you think.

Guest blogger for Econsultancy Mike Phillips has put together some ideas of why your levels of engagement might not be as high as you'd like, some of which could make a real difference to your content strategy.

1. Your content is falling short of the mark

Posting content that is "funny, likeable and shareable" is high up on any brand's agenda – but as Mr Phillips points out, this can be difficult to achieve.

It is therefore essential to make sure that your original content meets the needs of its intended audience, otherwise they will quickly switch off and look elsewhere.

2. Your timing isn't right

Posting to social networks isn't limited to working hours – in fact, you might have the biggest impact on your followers when they are winding down at the end of the day.

There is all sorts of research out there showing when is the best time to post fresh content, so Mr Phillips recommends having a look and seeing how this could make a difference to your strategy.

3. You are attracting the wrong fans

As the expert rightly points out, many brands measure their success with social media marketing based on how many fans or followers they have, rather than the quality of the people they attract.

Fans should stick around beyond any promotion that you are running – keep an eye on how many people are actually liking and commenting on your content.

Posted by Emma Furze