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Global brands and their content marketing strategy

A strong content marketing strategy is strongly based around social media these days, with the objective of using a strong, loyal customer base as the driver of the brand message.

The ability to overcome challenges and use flair, adapt to changing markets and using property communication tools are all important aspects of getting the awareness out there.

For example, Coca-Cola is the world's number one brand with a value of close to $80 billion, has 56 million Facebook likes and is consumed (not just Coke but wider products) 1.8 billion times a day.

The only two countries in the world who don't stock Coca-Cola products on their shelves are North Korea and Cuba.

And Coke has discussed how they want to double these figures over the next seven years through content marketing and shifting to promotional messages.

Such mission statements include empowering women and its ethical stance on recycling for which the company has been applauded.

It even does its best to keep customer eyes off the negative part of consuming sugary drinks by offering caffeine and exercise calculators in an attempt to show customers it's alright to enjoy a Coca-Cola by working out a method of moderation.

Nike has also utilised social media through innovations like the fuelband, which allows users to store daily information about the activity they undertake and uploading it onto Twitter or Facebook.

It also uses a site known as "Game On, World" which gives its 8.5 million users the opportunity to record the data of their stringent exercise regime and share it with others.

Less globally, Jamie Oliver has also made his mark through content marketing. His website has a recipe of the day, tips for making cocktails, how to videos and provides blogs for foodies to share their experiences.

He also uses emotive issues on a global scale such as obesity. Through his television programs, Oliver visits schools and discusses proper nutrition which resonates with viewers.

Posted by Tim Wright