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Gmail introduces more languages

When I was in Paris a few years ago, I found it quite difficult to type an email on their internet kiosks because the letters were all over the place. Not just that but the apostrophes and the question marks were not where I thought, so my email looked like a five year old had written it.

Those who speak multiple languages and use that skill in business can face similar difficulties, and having a poorly written email sent to a business associate or client can have particularly bad consequences.

As a result of this, Google Mail or Gmail has come up with a solution!

Known as input tools, it facilitates other languages through virtual keyboards so if you're looking for that pesky accentagu to more clearly communicate with your French business partner, it's easily available.

One click and you can switch to a different language which can facilitate email conversations in multiple forms.

Gmail's original system in 2009 saw only five languages used in its debut but with the latest edition, that number has been bumped up considerably to 75.

Email has become an integral part of doing business along with social media marketing – a report by HubSpot found that 42 per cent of those who do marketing use Facebook as an integral and necessary part of their business strategy.

That figure has increased by three quarters from a few years ago which shows just how much products like Facebook have become entwined into business.

Across the board,social media has become more necessary to business – with 62 per cent of respondents saying that within the last six months, social media has become more important to their marketing strategy.

Of all the industries that have benefited from social media, this report says that retail has acquired the most customers through Mark Zuckerberg's creation, seeing a 90 per cent rise in customers.

By Tim Wright