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Go back to school with Facebook

If you're thinking about establishing a presence on Facebook but aren't sure where to get started, it might be useful to think of the social network like the hierarchy of high school.

But before your angst-ridden Alanis Morissette-listening teenage years (or was that just me?) come back to haunt you, take heart. Developing a successful Facebook strategy is far less painless than navigating the way through the halls of high school – although they are the perfect place to draw inspiration from.

Like the most popular girls and guys at your school learned long ago, image is everything. Facebook is a brilliant place to create brand awareness and there is no better way to do this than to set up your own profile. Here, you can import the latest fresh content from your company blog, display special offers and show off your organisation at its absolute best.

At its most basic level, social media is all about getting people to pay attention to you – and if they like you, things can really get exciting. Just like those cheerleaders and football players from your school days, the more 'friends' you attract, the more connections you can make.

Properly played, the Facebook popularity game can be a successful marketing strategy for your business.

You can use your Facebook connections to learn more about your target market and generate a sense of community among your friends and subscribers – including colleagues, potential and current customers and suppliers.