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Google +1’s may have greater impact on SEO, according to new study

Innovative businesses understand that a strong social media strategy is an essential part of search engine optimisation and bringing more traffic to your website.

That is why new data from digital agency Stickyeyes and published by Econsultancy may be of particular interest to anybody looking to develop a better online engagement with customers.

Released July 23, the study of more than 7,000 top ranking URLs found that Google +1's tend to have a stronger correlation to higher ranking URLs than Facebook Likes.

That news is particularly surprising when you consider that Google+ has consistently ranked below Facebook in terms of user numbers.

Reports have indicated that Facebook currently has over 900 million registered users, as compared to Google+ which has an estimated 250 million users.

Econsultancy editor Graham Charlton noted however that businesses shouldn't sacrifice Facebook for Google+ just yet, pointing out that a balance between the two was the best approach.

"Google +1’s have a stronger correlation with high rankings than Facebook Likes and are easier to gain traction on due to the lower relative counts per ranking position," he wrote.

"Despite this, Facebook Likes also correlate with higher rankings and both should be carefully considered and actioned as parts of a blended natural search strategy."

The study found that having at least 23 Google +1's was enough to place a ranking URL in the top 35th percentile.

On the other hand, research indicated that 35 Facebook Likes were required to place a ranking page in the top 35 per cent of URLs.

It is worth noting that Google's search algorithm is constantly evolving and this research may be simply a correlation and nothing more.

Nonetheless, it still provides a worthwhile reminder of the importance of providing fresh and original content in order to maximise search engine optimisation.

Posted by Zak Wash