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Google adds new ‘Bacon Number’ search tool

Have you held a burning desire to find the degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and your favourite Hollywood actor?

Well now Google has made that possible by adding a new search tool that will help to map the connections between Kevin Bacon and any celebrity or public figure you decide to type into the search bar.

This idea derives from the well-known game of six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, a pop culture phenomenon that emerged in the nineties after the actor commented in a Premiere magazine interview in 1994 that he had worked with everybody in Hollywood, or someone who has worked with them.

This involved people finding the degrees of separation that Kevin Bacon had with other actors, where those he was directly connected were rated 1, and others were further judged by the number of connections they had leading to Bacon.

Google has made it possible now for people to figure that out by just typing in the search term 'bacon number' followed by the celebrity of our choice.

"Not only will you see their degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, you can also click and explore through their background, movies, and more with the Knowledge Graph," states the Google Plus post from September 14.

The Knowledge Graph was introduced by Google in May, which aimed to provide "smarter search results"  by enabling people to search for people, places and things that Google knows about – celebrities, movies, landmarks, art works and more – and getting instant information that is relevant to the query.

Facebook also announced its second issue of Facebook Stories on September 6, with this month's topic fittingly being degrees of separation.

The site frequently features original content with this month's stories including an ichthyologist who gathered a global community of scientists to help identify a collection of thousands of fish with photo tagging and a Canadian community who created a group to bring awareness of a food crisis in their town.

An interactive map also explores which countries are most closely connected on Facebook, with the idea of Facebook Stories heavily drawing on our connections to each other and the world.

Posted by April Revake.