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Google algorithm change rewards fresh content

A recent change to Google’s algorithm places higher emphasis on websites with original content – meaning unique, fresh and relevant information is more important than ever before.

While public users are in the dark about the methods Google uses to determine the order in which sites rank on the search engine’s results pages – it is joked that the secret is as closely-guarded as the recipe for Coca-Cola – the general consensus is that the search engine evaluates sites based on quality, as well as traffic flow.

And while Google’s usual changes are so subtle that searchers barely notice them, last week’s algorithm update impacted 11.8 per cent of its search queries.

According to the Official Google Blog, the new update penalises low-quality sites – including those that copy content from elsewhere on the web – while high-quality sites are rewarded with higher rankings.

So how do you make sure your site stands out? The answer is simple – relevant, unique, fresh content. This is because sites featuring well-researched information, original copy and thoughtful analysis have the potential to rank well on Google – and therefore attract the eye of searchers.

Websites with a straightforward structure – including designated landing pages designed to rank for specific, searchable terms – can also help you in your quest for better Google rankings.